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Ethical Complaint Procedures & Information
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Approved by NYSAPLS Board of Directors 3/24/2017


The New York State Association of Professional Land Surveyors has been and should continue to be a force in providing a high standard for the surveying profession in New York State. The NYSAPLS Ethical Practices Committee (EPC) receives complaints alleging unethical behavior and/or illegal practice from NYSAPLS Affiliated Regionals, NYSAPLS Members, NYSAPLS Headquarters Office, NYSAPLS Executive Board and the general public. Outlined below are the EPC’s procedures for responding to complaints.

  1.  All complaints received by NYSAPLS Headquarters Office (HQ) will be forwarded to the EPC and copied to the President of NYSAPLS.

    a) A notification will be sent to the alleged violator by the EPC informing him or her that a complaint has been received.

  2.  If the EPC determines that the complaint alleges professional misconduct or the illegal practice of land surveying (i.e. – surveying without a license), then the EPC will refer the complainant to the NYS Office of the Professions (OP) and provide the complainant with the OP Complaint Hot Line phone number (1-800-442-8106) and the OP email address:  

  3.  If the EPC determines that the complaint is against a NYSAPLS member and of an ethical nature (i.e. - an alleged violation of the NYSAPLS Canons of Ethics), then the EPC will conduct an investigation and forward its findings and recommendations to the NYSAPLS Board of Directors.

  4.  If the EPC determines that the complaint involves both professional misconduct and a violation of the Canons of Ethics, then the ECPC will comply with items 2. and 3. Herein.

  5.  If the EPC requires additional information to determine the nature of the complaint (i.e. - professional misconduct; illegal practice; or an ethics violation) then the EPC will request additional information from the complainant and then proceed in accordance with the procedures set forth herein.

  6.  If the complaint is received by a NYSAPLS Affiliated Regional, the Regional shall either:

    a ) Address the complaint at the Regional level adhering to the procedures set forth above, or;

    b) Forward the complaint to the NYSAPLS EPC for action by the EPC in accordance with procedures set forth herein.


The following is reprinted from Constitution and By-Laws of NYSAPLS


Article II

Section 4 - Expulsion of Members

Upon written recommendation of three Regular Members that a member be expelled for causes set forth, the Board of Directors shall consider the matter and, if warranted, advise the accused member of the charges set forth against him/her. He/she may appear before the Board of Directors, in person or in writing within the next 90 days, to answer the charges. After hearing the accused or after 90 days, the Board may dismiss the charge or, by two-thirds vote of the entire directorship, may expel the accused member.

(a)           Grounds for expulsion shall include, but not [be] limited to:

1.             Revocation of license

2.             Felony conviction

3.             Unauthorized acts per Article 130, Sub articles 3 and 4, NY State Education Law


Committee Structure of the New York State Association of Professional Land Surveyors:


The Ethical Practices Committee is a standing committee, and the duties assigned to it are as follows:


(a)  To formulate ethical standards of the profession and to recommend means to maintain and advance them.
b)  To consider and define the economic, professional and legally established interests of the surveyors and to protect & advance them.
(c)  To Investigate and discourage unethical and illegal practices.
(d)  To cooperate with authorities concerned with the administration of enforcement of the laws that govern and control the practices of surveying.
)  To supervise the ethical practices, activities of the several affiliates and serve as an advisory body for them and a coordinating agency between them in the ethical practice matters. 
(f)  To consider and recommend to the Board of Directors the expulsion of members for cause shown.
(g)  To review the code pf practices as needed and suggest revisions to the Board of Directors. 



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